About Us

Our core business: writing brand stories together with consumers. By finding the true identity of the brand, we find the true solution to the problem. The greatest thing about working today is that this solution could turn out to be anything: a new product or a business model, but it could just as well be an advertisement or an online campaign.

There are no longer any strict rules. As long as we are able to find a natural way to cross paths with our consumer. Then our communication is not only relevant, but it becomes utterly self-evident as well.

Our vision

Ogilvy Belgium is a full view agency. We always start from the business challenge in order to define communication solutions. Whether the objective is reach, leads or sales, Ogilvy leverages all media channels – through a performance-based approach to paid, earned and owned media and content. We define quantifiable objectives and have variable-based remuneration schemes.

We drive magnetic content

We are convinced that in addition to paid media, earned media ideas are also required to make a successful campaign. To give people a reason to talk, we provide them with magnetic content – content that target audiences gravitate to and like because it’s fabulously engaging. This can take many different forms, but regardless of the format, the content itself is so magnetic that it knows how to build an audience.

Our magnetic content always has a performance plan

We need to put the mechanisms in place to generate a conversation. Our performance plan will unleash the power of BIG influencers (those who have a big impact in our client’s category) and SMALL influencers (our fans and brand ambassadors). It will also leverage all media channels to amplify our magnetic content to the right audience. Reach is the new Like.

We don’t just think, we do

We don’t believe in the traditional divide between creative and media agencies anymore – with one creating the ideas and the other the channel plan. In the digital and social age we live in today, creative and targeting go hand in hand.

At Ogilvy, we buy online and social media to make sure that whatever works can be amplified immediately.

All the time, and real-time


Marketing communication shouldn’t just be seen as a set of campaigns that create peaks of attention, as we can also create sustained attention for brands or socialise your existing CRM programme to create real-time advocacy with your brand ambassadors.

This requires a strategic approach to building and owning your audiences through social platforms, and converting their engagement into brand results.


Facebook reach in Belgium amongst adults <45y