It’s time to look at the bigger picture of the situation of migrants in Europe


Europe is currently facing one of the biggest refugee and migrant crises as countries are struggling to cope with more than a million people having crossed into Europe in 2015. Despite heavy media attention dedicated to the topic there is still a portion of the European population, especially youth, that does not fully realize the magnitude of this crisis and what it entails. For this reason, the International Organization for Migration is launching an awareness raising campaign that via a series of print, social, digital and email ads will redirect the audience to the campaign website, where users can sign up, volunteer or donate, as well as read migrants’ stories from all over the world.

The campaign uses visuals of European sites that show an advantageous crop of a larger image inside the Instagram interface, enhanced with a typical filter effect. The viewers’ attention is immediately captivated by this part of the page where a beautiful beach sunset or architectural detail is shown. Only next do they discover the full view which shows the tough reality of refugees and migrants on our beaches and in our cities.

The campaign developed by Ogilvy and Social.Lab Belgium will be rolled-out via banners, Instagram posts, email and print ads.

For more information, follow @migrants on Instagram and the hashtag #BigPictureEU.