Ogilvy wins Effectiveness Cuckoo for its European Elections social media campaign

cuckoo awardThe objective of the campaign was to reate and roll out a social media campaign to get EU citizens FEEL MORE POSITIVE (better knowledge of the institutions and a more positive attitude) and to ACT (votes).

For every phase of the campaign, we had to reach as many people as possible on social media, in the right context and with the right content. A wide variety content (events that are streamed, Facebook apps, video content, infographs,..) was produced and distributed in 24 languages.

To support all online actions and target our segmented audience, we developed the largest social media ads campaign ever done in 2014: a total of 4.000 social media ads were created, targeted, measured, optimized and analyzed during the campaign period. We reached every European citizen that uses social media (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+, Instagram…) at least once in every phase (total reach 1,2 billion people).

The impact?

More EU citizens than ever agreed with the statement “My voice counts” (went up from 29% to 42% during the campaign period).