Herta’s bacon in the spotlight


Herta has a strong brand positioning in the pre-packed meat segment. Research shows that Herta stands for quality, freshness and authenticity. But if we take a closer look into some specific products such as bacon we can see that other factors are involved when deciding to choose or buy a particular brand.





Consumers often see bacon (and its variants) as an ingredient or something you add for the taste. The choice for the ‘brand’ is very limited because isn’t bacon the same everywhere? This was a strategic and creative challenge for us that we have addressed through brand values and sense of quality.

Because the quality of food is important in Belgium and due to a myriad of cooking shows, culinary magazines and chefs sharing their secrets the past years, we are becoming more and more aware of the quality of ingredients. No nice meal without carefully selected ingredients.

In this print campaign Herta’s bacon has been linked to carefully selected fresh vegetables and eggs and upgraded the ingredient with the slogan “Ça mérite des lardons Herta / Dat verdient spekjes van Herta”. No other brand is capable of proposing such a fresh quality.