Ogilvy shows true colours for Amnesty.

Write for justice.


On October 18th, tens of thousands of young adults will pick up their pens in protest against homophobic and transphobic violence. This 23rd edition of Amnesty’s Schrijf-ze-VRIJdag (Write-them-FREEday) was exceptionally renamed Schrijf-ze-VASTdag (Write-them-behind-bars-day). To mobilise as many people as possible, Amnesty International launched an original Facebook app in collaboration with Ogilvy Brussels, which allows young adults to symbolically join the protests in South Africa, condemning violence against homosexuals and transgenders.




Amnesty international

The theme of this year’s Schrijf-ze-VRIJdag is impunity. Amnesty International is appalled that homophobic and transphobic violence is often left uninvestigated and the perpetrators left unpunished. To call attention to this fact, “Write-them-FREEday” will symbolically become “Write-them-behind-bars-day”.

The Facebook app allows people to add their profile picture to a large rainbow flag, which will be sent to South Africa later this year. The flag will be used – profile pictures and all – by the South African LGBT community, during protests in Cape Town and other cities. By posting their picture to the flag, people not only show their support for the LGBT community in South Africa, but they also sign Amnesty’s petition that calls the government to look into and punish the violence in question.

The Facebook campaign enables you to effectively show your support for the South African LGBT community, for whom it is often difficult and dangerous to be themselves. Jonathan Vandenbroeck (Milow), actor Timo Descamps and minister Pascal Smet were among the first to post their profile pictures to the rainbow flag.