Quit smoking with a Siga red.

Pfizer and Ogilvy launch a new cigarette brand.


In collaboration with Ogilvy Brussels, Pfizer launched new brand Siga red. Siga red is Pfizer’s latest awareness campaign and the first fake cigarette brand that helps smokers kick the habit.






The number of smokers that has tried to stop smoking at least once, but unfortunately to no avail.

This is why Pfizer wants to offer inveterate smokers professional advice from a health expert, and this is also why Pfizer has chosen to seduce its target audience with the one thing it craves the most: a packet of cigarettes.

The Campaign

The campaign consisted of two phases.
The first focused on newsagents and online bannering, encouraging people to order a free pack of limited edition Siga red on Siga-red.be, which was then delivered in the post.

The contents: 20 flyers, rolled up like cigarettes, encouraging people to stop smoking and seek advice from a health professional. The remaining flyers could be handed out to any other smokers in the recipient’s circle of friends and family.
During the second phase, a cigarette dispenser containing free Siga red for commuters was installed in a number of large train stations, as well as in the bar of De Vooruit in Ghent. Again, smokers were lured to try the new brand, after which the flyers advised them to seek professional help in order to quit smoking. Health experts were also involved in the campaign. They had the possibility to order a promotional Siga red pack, which contained a display as well as posters for the waiting room. This allowed the health professionals to start up a constructive conversation with patients interested in quitting and allowed them to follow up on their situation.
Siga red, the first cigarette that gets smokers to kick the habit.