Smallest demonstration against unemployment.

Slinkachu and Ogilvy join forces.



The first ReACT event, which is a series of debates on hot topics organised by the European Parliament, will take place in Paris on October 15th. Theme: unemployment, and youth unemployment in particular. To announce this event as well as the live stream, Ogilvy joined forces with street artist Slinkachu, whose miniature installations have garnered international fame.




European Parliament

The artist who is the god of small things.

The Independent

Five miniature installations were set up on strategically chosen locations in Paris. The tiny artwork, almost invisible to the naked eye, came with the following line of text: “Pourquoi est-ce si dur de trouver un job?” [Why is it so hard to find a job?], with a link to the event and live stream. The installations were soon picked up by social media channels, where they were shared extensively.

They were also photographed on location by Slinkachu himself and turned into five posters. In addition, approximately 50 influential bloggers received a unique mailing signed by the artist.