Smile Makers

Making women smile (and our team as well)



The Fireman. The Millionaire. The Tennis Coach. The Frenchman. Welcome to the world of smile☺makers: the friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet that is only for sale in female-friendly stores. Ogilvy Belgium was the first European PR team to support the launch of these little fellas. We created an interactive launch campaign that sparked laughter, excitement, heaps of media coverage, word of mouth, word of mouse … and sales. Correction: a lot of sales.




Smile Makers

So what did we do?

With the support of key opinion leaders we researched the sex life and vibrator-curiousness of Belgian women. The results were reported back to sexologists, media, opinion leaders and online hand raisers during a cheeky event … in the company of the smile☺makers and their real-life alter ego’s.

Journalists and hand raisers cued up to have their picture taken with all of our fellas and were keen to spread the word. What we are most proud of, is that we generated real conversation on vibrators, helping women who shun sex shops to find their way to new little friend.

Our launch campaign is now being rolled out in several other countries.