Taste takes time

Ode to the weekend and the summer



Het varkenskroontje.

In 2010, VLAM introduced a new cut of the most Belgianesque meat to the market, the rack of pork. This superior piece of meat from the back of the pig can be recognised by the bones and the layer of fat. The long cooking time makes for a satisfying preparation and produces delicious flavours on your plate. Ogilvy introduced this piece of meat in autumn 2010, with the meat’s long cooking time used as an advantage to highlight its wonderful taste and structure. ‘Tasty takes time’ / ‘Heerlijk duurt het langst” was also the strategy that was applied across the whole campaign.





A seasonal TV campaign at an appropriate pace emphasised that the long cooking time of the piece of meat has both culinary and social advantages. A summer and a winter brochure – available at points of sale – giving the cook in question the right instructions, as well as a poster campaign which made people aware of the new piece of meat, were the elements for a successful campaign. The launch of the meat was appreciated by supermarkets, butchers and, most importantly, consumers.

An ode to the weekend


An ode to the summer