World Alzheimer’s Day.

Donate your Facebook timeline for World Alzheimer’s Day.


Worldwide 36 million people are believed to be living with Alzheimer. On behalf of Alzheimer’s Disease International we created a campaign so people could experience the emptiness of this disease. Through social media and a viral video, people were asked to donate their FB timeline by installing an app. It lay dormant until activation on September 21, Word Alzheimer’s Day, wiping out users’ entire memory from their timeline, including pictures, videos and friends.




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We’ve won a huge number of awards with Word Alzheimer’s Day.

We were celebrated at European Excellence Awards, New York Festivals, Eurobest, Best Of Activation, Cuckoo Awards, CCB and we received a bronze pencil at the One Show, were shortlisted two times at the Cannes Lions Festival and took home the very first Silver Lion for Ogilvy Brussels.

The national tv-channels VTM and VT4 offered us free airtime for the commercial we made for Word Alzheimer’s Day.