Would you answer this suicide call?

Zelfmoord 1813 needs volunteers


Given the high suicide rates in Belgium, Zelfmoordlijn 1813 (the Flemish suicide prevention hotline) urgently needed to recruit new volunteers. But answering a call from someone with suicidal thoughts is not something everybody feels comfortable with. Therefore, we performed an experiment that already pre-selects people. We put a Zelfmoordlijn branded phone in a public place, and let the phone ring. We filmed this experiment and launched the video 2 days before the World Suicide Prevention Day.




Centrum ter Preventie van Zelfdoding - Zelfmoordlijn

PR activity reach


people watching the video untill the end

Views on YouTube


Website traffic increase

The objective of Zelfmoordlijn was to recruit 250 candidates,
we got 450 people registered to become a candidate-volunteer.

According to Zelfmoordlijn, the quality of the candidates was very high.